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Casey Lowery - Europe 2024

18.09.2024 | 20:00 Uhr
Leipzig | Hellraiser
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Informationen zur Veranstaltung

When Casey Lowery’s grandfather passed away in 2023, he left him a caravan – an old holiday home on the English coastline, which contained a history Casey hadn’t previously thought about. But when he arrived, moving in temporarily with his dog, removing himself from the metropolitan music industry he’d spent over half a decade trying to make sense of, it unlocked something within him. There, amongst the company of pensioners and nature, the final pieces of lekkerland, his debut album, came together.

The album, Casey says, is his effort to “reconnect with my past a bit,” and a reflection on the kind of community once promised to him by a music industry system he’s trying, in a more modest, loving form, to reshape and make work for him.

“Lekker” itself is an Afrikaans term Casey picked up on the road and means ‘something pleasing’. After years of recalibrating, Casey has found a way to make something that pleases himself as much as it pleases others.


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