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Helge Schneider - Neues Programm: Katzeklo auf Räder

25.08.2024 | 19:00 Hours
Leipzig | Parkbühne Leipzig
Helge Schneider is on tour with his Travelling Stars and the program “Cat Litter on Wheels”!

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HELGE and his Travelling Stars!

When HELGE composed Katzenklo in 1993, no one could have imagined that in the future it would be possible to see each other on the phone! Complete utopia! But now things are completely different!
Everyone has a cell phone, and even the smallest children can handle these things like old people. The vacuum cleaner does its job without cables and without instructions, and the lawnmower does its job, regardless of whether someone is standing behind it or treating the potato bin in the basement with germicide to prevent the things from germinating.
Litter box on wheels, does the master want to come and visit us on a tricycle or something?
No, that's not possible at the moment, but maybe in the future. At the moment HELGE still needs four wheels to get to us with all his musical instruments and other stuff! Strangely enough, at 68 years old he hasn't aged at all, nor does it even look like he has. On the contrary, he seems to become more and more of a child as the years go by, and his stories have no connection to gravity.
The way he stands there conducting his band with a thin plastic baton, Herbert von Karajan, if he were still alive, would certainly ask HELGE if he could have lessons with him!
His band consists exclusively of living people, there is no trace of the award-winning so-called “artificial intelligence” here, one even gets the impression that it has nothing to do with intelligence at all, the sound is pure force of nature!
“Are your hearing aids turned on, gentlemen?” then we get started.
Would you have given HELGE your wallet for safekeeping 30 years ago without reservation? I don't think so! But today? Today you can do that with confidence. Because everything the master touches becomes pure pleasure.
If you hand over your wallet at the checkout, you will be in for a big surprise!
HELGE and his Travelling Stars!
Romantic songs alternate with utter nonsense. Laughter! Laughter! Laughter!

Current cast:
HELGE Fragments of conversation – piano – trumpet – vocals – saxophone – various instruments

Parkbühne Leipzig

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