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L.B. Steel und der heilige Taucher - Das Heavy Metal Hörspiel live

24.10.2024 | 20:00 Hours
Leipzig | Haus Leipzig
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Information about the event

Thanks to easy access via the Internet, radio plays and books are at least as popular today as they were in the blissful eighties, when young and old regularly gathered around cassette decks to listen to the adventures of “John Sinclair” or the “TKKG” stories. The “LB Steel” series is supposed to be exactly in the vein of these classics: three now grown metalheads who have been friends since school, stumble headlong into crazy adventures as “Brigade Steelforce”, which somehow always involve the greatest music in the world (Heavy Metal, of course). In the first episode, which includes Udo Dirkschneider and Sabina Classen, the trio goes in search of the “sword of heavy metal”. Listeners will find out what this has to do with the “Holy Diver” in 78 entertaining, well-produced minutes as soon as a label has been found for the release. Until then, all that remains is to visit the associated live shows and keep an eye on the website.

Haus Leipzig

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