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Sarah Hakenberg - Mut zur Tücke

22.10.2024 | 20:00 Hours
Leipzig | Kupfersaal
Look forward to an evening full of intelligent mischief, cheerful charm and irresistible audacity!

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There are times when the laughter just sticks in our throats, when the last joke has been told and all the happy melodies in the world have faded away. But fortunately those times have not yet begun! And that's why the songwriter, who was awarded the "German Cabaret Prize", has once again written a lot of new, rousing insults, sophisticated protest songs and unabashed catchy tunes: about helpless traditionalists, for example, about virtuous Rammstein fans, about perplexed AfD voters and morally correct consumers. Sarah Hakenberg happily hits the keys, strums her ukulele and talks about the abysses that lie dormant within us and about the great confusion out there. It won't make the world better, but it will at least make it more bearable.


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