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Teddy ShowTeddy 2025

25.04.2025 – April 26, 2025
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Teddy is going on a big tour with his new show in 2025!


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Most people know him as Antoine Burtz, Ernst Riedler or Lohan Cohan: the German comedian and actor Tedros “Teddy” Teclebrhan is a man with a thousand faces. Since the viral YouTube video in which he plays the integration test candidate Antoine, he has been known throughout Germany and is at home on stage and on television. If you get tickets for Teddy Teclebrhan's shows, you should be prepared for a lot, because he is guaranteed to get you laughing with his often absurd humor.

Teddy Teclebrhan's career as a comedian, actor, YouTube and television star began long before his famous phrase "What are you babbling about?" He was born on September 1, 1983 in Eritrea, which was then annexed by Ethiopia. He was still a baby when his mother fled to Germany with him and his brothers to escape the Eritrean War of Independence.

Teddy grows up south of Tübingen in the small, traditional Swabian town of Bästenhardt. Today he describes himself as an “Eritrean Swabian”. During his childhood he was surrounded by a colorful mix of immigrants and long-established Swabians. Many of his acquaintances at the time formed the basis for his strange stage characters.

If Teddy is initially rebellious and rebellious at school, his life takes a new turn when he travels to his aunt in Canada. She tells him about Eritrea and the struggles his mother went through to save him and his siblings from the war in their homeland. Back in Germany, he tattooed “Tesfa” on his arm, which means “hope” in Tigrinya. He reorients himself and decides to become an actor.

Teddy takes his first steps as an artist at a drama school in Stuttgart. Although he has no experience, he convinces the examiners and passes the training. He applied for the musical “Hairspray”, was accepted despite a lack of singing experience, and then performed with the ensemble in Cologne from 2009 to 2010. At the same time, he begins a career as a comedian, including on his YouTube channel. He wins the “TVLab” on ZDFneo and starts his own show “Teddy's Show” in 2012.

Teddy-Teclebrhan's shows are particularly characterized by his talent for being funny across cultures. His viral YouTube sketch "Integration Test Survey" from 2011 shows that Teddy's honest humor not only pushes boundaries, but also transcends them. His repertoire of characters, which he presents in "Teddy's Show", includes, among others, the cult unemployed Antoine, the angry citizen Ernst Riedler, the US star Lohan Cohan and the eccentric Percy.

In addition to regular appearances on Stefan Raab's "TV Total", Teddy Teclebrhan is attracting widespread attention, especially his tour with the first stage program "Teddy Show - What are you babbling...?!". From 2012 he will be traveling across Germany with his live program. His third stage program “Teddy” starts in 2022 and brings old and new characters, musical performances and of course a lot of weird humor back to the stage. If you don't want to wait for one of his diverse shows, just stick to Teddy's YouTube channel. Here he regularly publishes original music videos and sketches that show his characters in funny situations. With his song “Mona Lisa” he reached number 16 in the 2021 German single trend charts as Antoine Burtz.

When he's not in one of his roles, he also likes to hang out on the red carpet. Because Teddy is not only one of the best German comedians, he is also an actor who has been awarded the German Actor Prize. His filmography includes the comedy “Half Brothers” (2015) with Sido and Fahri Yardım, the drama “System Sprenger” (2019) and the series “Bad Banks” (2020).

(C) Gero Mele, Christof Köslin

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