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Thorsten Havener - Gedankenleser

26.10.2024 | 20:00 Hours
Leipzig | Kupfersaal
Thorsten Havener live with his brand new program “Gedankenleser”. Mysterious. Amazing. Intoxicating.

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Information about the event

For over 20 years, Thorsten Havener has amazed viewers on TV and on stages around the world with his mental abilities. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have followed his work in amazement and were left puzzled.

In “Mind Reader” Thorsten Havener shows the essence of his knowledge and experiences from the last two decades. The evening is a unique experience – mysterious, enigmatic, incomprehensible and at the same time very entertaining. It is an evening that is not only made for the audience, but above all includes them - because it is about their thoughts, emotions and decisions. Thorsten Havener charmingly shows them a world in which more is possible than they think. This journey takes its guests deep into their innermost being, to their intuition and to the edge of their imagination. In this way, they gain completely new insights into the power of their thoughts and their impact on their reality.

The press is enthusiastic:

“Thorsten Havener is a sensation.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
“Uncanny – Thorsten Havener looks into the brains of strangers.” (Image)
“Entertaining, amazing and informative.” (Offenbach-Post)
“Mind reader Thorsten Havener amazes the audience.” (Badische Neue Nachrichten)


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