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Timon Krause - Messias - Live 2024

10.10.2024 | 20:00 Hours
Leipzig | Haus Auensee
Timon Krause goes on "Messiah" tour in autumn 2024!

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Information about the event


At just 29 years old, Timon Krause has already had a wild, exciting and more than impressive career - not only nationally, but also internationally. Known primarily as a mentalist - or thought artist - the Spiegel bestselling author, entertainer and speaker has built up an incredibly large fan base within a very short time and is now considered the most successful and charismatic mental artist in Germany. With his new program "Messiah", Timon Krause will go on a major tour in 2024 and take his audience into completely new realms of psychological phenomena.

Building on his knowledge of the human psyche, Timon Krause creates fascinating shows with which he surprises, amazes and keeps his audience on the edge of their seats. His skills, which range from guessing bank PINs with apparent ease to hypnotizing randomly selected subjects in a matter of seconds, are based on scientifically sound training (including with the famous New Zealand mentalist Richard Webster) and years of practice.

The manipulation, reading and predicting of human behavior is based partly on natural talent and partly on skills that have been painstakingly trained, such as advanced communication technology and the accurate reading of unconscious facial expressions and gestures. For his tour next year, the multi-talented artist, who grew up in Isselburg, is taking the next step - both in terms of the size of the tour and the show itself. The program, which runs under the title "Messiah", will be bigger, more impressive and, if at all possible, feel even more impossible than his previous ideas.

The starting point is still the human mind. This time, however, the young mentalist is focusing part of his attention on mass psychology: how easily can we really be manipulated? Where are we influenced without noticing and how can we protect ourselves? And how easy is it for Timon Krause to brainwash his subjects on stage?

With “Messiah”, Timon Krause is offering his audience a program with an overarching theme for the first time, with which he will be touring a total of 28 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2024. In his shows, the trained philosopher is by no means just concerned with making a big impression. In addition to his calling as an entertainer, Timon Krause has also made it his mission to do a certain amount of educational work show after show. For example, he shares valuable mind hacks for everyday life that make it easier for the audience to understand and read their fellow human beings and their own minds. “Messiah” thus offers the unique opportunity to take a look inside our heads and understand which psychological mechanisms really shape and drive us. The skilful fusion of mentalism, psychology and philosophy with playful elements has already had great importance and entertainment value in the past. It is no coincidence that it is extremely important to Timon Krause that lightness and fun are not neglected. This applies to both his shows and the other areas in which he expresses himself creatively, such as his current book, the novel "Das versunkene Theater" (KMAV Cologne Media Agency and Publisher), which will be published on October 23rd of this year. And it is no coincidence that he likes to meet up regularly with Joko & Klaas to present them with completely new challenges with clever mind games. Entertainment is very important in Timon Krause's life. Perhaps this is part of the secret to his success. More than 10 million YouTube clicks and his multiple sold-out "Mind Games" tour speak volumes.

Haus Auensee

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